The Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

The Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt from Let's Get Together

Most of my kids’ memories of community Easter egg hunts include the fear of stampedes and the disappointment of slim pickings (just a couple eggs to take home)! So, a few years ago we decided to organize our own hunt for my teenagers and college kids. The Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt is definitely a family favorite!


We have our hunt on Saturday, Easter Eve. And now that I have sweet grand babies we do a small egg hunt for them while it is still light. We enjoy a simple supper together, and then the big kids have their fun in the dark!

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt from Let's Get Together

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Flashlights for each person. My kids are SUPER competitive, so they all use exactly the same kind of flashlight. We’re all about fairness!
– Different colored plastic eggs for each person (For example: Daniel’s are red, and Kellie’s are yellow.) You decide on the number per person.  I don’t fill them all with candy. My kids like pistachios, raisins, Teddy Grahams, animal crackers, etc.
– A dozen confetti eggs. I usually buy mine at Smiths but have also made them. See instructions here.
– 3 large plastic prize eggs. I usually put a $5 or $10 bill in one, and gift cards for frozen yogurt or whatever in the other two. I hide two of the three prize eggs in the yard with the other eggs, but I save one to give to the person that is first to find all their colored eggs.
– Easter baskets, buckets or bags for each person.
– Timer or watch.  My husband sets a timer but doesn’t tell the kids exactly how long they have. He does give them a two minute warning before the end. That’s when things get really crazy; people are smashing confetti eggs and stealing prize eggs! Last year my very pregnant daughter was trying to chase down my super quick son-in-law. Lots of squeals and laughter!


(Yeah, we wear all black. Like I said, we’re pretty serious about this egg hunt.)

Rules for flashlight Easter egg hunt:
1. Everyone has a specific color and number of eggs. When you find all of your colored eggs run to the person in charge who will verify that you have them all. They will keep that prize egg for you until the hunt is over.
2. You can only pick up your color of eggs, but you can grab any confetti eggs or large prize eggs.
3. Any eggs picked up have to go in your Easter basket or bucket. You can’t hide them in your pocket or anywhere else on you.
4. If you break a confetti egg on an opponent, you can steal one of the big prize eggs from their basket or a confetti egg if there isn’t a big one. If they have their own confetti egg (in addition to the one you’ve stolen), they can smash it on you and take it back.
5. No talking or plotting with others. It’s every bunny for himself!
6. After the hunt is over, participants can still look for their remaining colored eggs to take home.

It’s fun to hold your hunt in different places. Last year we got permission from our neighbor to use his backyard while they were out-of -town.  We didn’t tell our kids until it was time to begin. New territory and new hiding places made it exciting! However, the wonderful neighbor on the other side (who knew nothing of our plans) heard the ruckus, saw the flashlights, and came outside to confront the hooligans! My husband identified himself and no one was arrested.

Enjoy this egg hunting season; it’s always better in the moonlight!





    • Natalie says

      It’s an absolute riot! I’d definitely put it in my top 3 activities of the year. Have so much fun!

  1. Julie says

    thanks so much for posting the details. we have heard of doing a flashlight egg hunt, but didn’t know the specifics.

  2. Mandie says

    This is a great idea! My son is dying to have his friends over this weekend, to hunt eggs in our backyard! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Shauna says

    We tried your flashlight Easter egg hunt last night, and it was a huge hit! Everyone loved it! We did it after our annual glow-in-the-dark hunt for the grandchildren (We put small glow sticks in the plastic eggs with the treats. It’s totally magical. The little ones love it!).
    Thanks for the great idea! It will definitely be a new tradition for us. Our sons-in-law are already strategizing for next year.

    • Natalie says

      So glad it was a hit! We had ours last night too. Such a fun night! The glow-in-the-dark hunt for the littles sounds awesome!

  4. Christina says

    we did this last night and what a riot!!!!! The kids aged from 8 to 14 loved everything. We didn’t give a time limit as this was our first year. Next year we will put a limit on it. I made the confetti eggs they were the favorite part. I hope to make this a tradition for our family and friends.


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