How to Host a Witches Tea Party

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love getting together with the girls for lunch or something delicious? My creative friend Jean LOVES Halloween and used this photo of Welsh women to inspire her “WITCHES TEA PARTY!”


Here’s what she did…… 

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30+ Family Home Evenings with Teens

30+ Family Home Evenings with Teens

“For youth, there is no substitute for seeing the gospel lived in our daily lives. The stripling warriors did not have to wonder what their parents believed. They said, ‘We do not doubt our mothers knew it’ (see Alma 56:47–48). Do our children know what we know?”  (Elder Robert D. Hales, General Conference, April 2010)… 

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Pretty Painted Pumpkins Feature

Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Last year, us girls got together for some chatting, chewing (good food is a must!) and pumpkin painting. None of us are super-crafters or particularly artistically inclined-but these are so easy you don’t have to be. So if you, like us, are kind of over the whole slimy and seedy process of carving pumpkins, you’ll… 

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Granola Bar Feature

Peanut Butter & Honey Granola Bars

The upside of these homemade granola bars? They’re amazing. They’re easy. You’ll know exactly what’s going into those little (or big!) lunchboxes-and it’s nothing you can’t pronounce. The downside? Well, your kids (OR YOUR HUSBAND!) might decide they’re simply no longer willing to eat store-bought granola bars. Ever. Again.


September: Say No to Soda

If you were to come up to me and ask what is the ONE thing a person could change that would help their health, although it would be hard to choose one, it would most likely be this: That’s why this month for our healthy resolution we are challenging you to say no to soda!… 

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4 Ways: Asking and Answering

My mom has a gift for many things. One of those things is coming up with creative ways to ask and answer to dances. And with four kids having gone through high school at a school where there is a dance every month, it sure came in handy!  Some of my favorite memories are when… 

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Blast from the Past Tic-Tac-Toe

  Okay, this is by far the MOST fun I’ve had doing a singing time. Not that I have a ridiculous amount of experience or anything. But really. I loved doing this with the kiddos yesterday-and I think they loved it to. But before you go thinking that this is just a Primary singing time,… 

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Healthy Snacking for Healthy Kids

I have pretty vivid memories of coming home from school after those long days as an elementary school girl. My younger brother and I would walk home from school and it was just a matter of seconds before our backpacks were on the ground and we were seated at the counter ready for our “after school snack”. There… 

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5 Step Dance Dos Feature from Let's Get Together

5-Step Dance Dos

Just a couple of weeks before my Senior year of high school was about to start, our Denver home sold and Kellie and I were in the car a couple of days later to make it to tennis and volleyball tryouts in Utah. There were lots of surprises in that whole transition-but one of my… 

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