Healthy Snacking for Healthy Kids

healthysnackingI have pretty vivid memories of coming home from school after those long days as an elementary school girl. My younger brother and I would walk home from school and it was just a matter of seconds before our backpacks were on the ground and we were seated at the counter ready for our “after school snack”.

There are so many things I loved about those days and those “after school snack” moments. It was a time to talk with my mom and brother about the day. It was a time to unwind. It was a time to decide what friend I would play with after I got my homework done. And most importantly, it was a time to get some healthy food in my little body to have energy for the rest of the day.

So maybe I didn’t realize that last one at the time I was sitting at our kitchen counter, but I realize it now! I’m excited to share some ideas for how to use that “after school snack” time to connect with your kids and give them the extra energy boost they need…. 

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5 Step Dance Dos Feature from Let's Get Together

5-Step Dance Dos

Just a couple of weeks before my Senior year of high school was about to start, our Denver home sold and Kellie and I were in the car a couple of days later to make it to tennis and volleyball tryouts in Utah. There were lots of surprises in that whole transition-but one of my… 

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Scripture Kickball

About a month ago I got a text from the young women’s president asking if I could fill in for one of the presidency members in planning a combined activity. The conversation went something like this: Me: I’d be happy to! What is the activity? Her: Scripture Kickball Me: Sweet. Could you send me directions… 

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Personalized Notebooks Feature

DIY Personalized Notebooks

  I think I’ve already said it too many times in the last week or so, but I’m completely jazzed that Fall is on its way. I couldn’t be happier about it not being 95 degrees outside and I heartily look forward to it getting cooler. And cooler. And school-er. (Okay, baby is teething and… 

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veggieart feature

Vegetable Art

How many times have you told your children “don’t play with your food!” Well, you might want to take it back for a bit. We pulled out some vegetables from our garden that we had plenty of to do a little art project. It was quick and simple but also really fun!  Here is what you’ll… 

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Summer Chowder feature

Summer Chowder

I’ll be honest. I feel a little giddy just thinking that Fall is around the corner. I love it. I love Fall. I love freshly-sharpened new pencils, canyons lit up with changing leaves, and crisp air. Oh, and sweaters. Hello. I. love. sweaters. I also love crockpots full of hearty soup. By July, I’m always… 

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Back to School Success Secrets Feature

10 Secrets to Back-to-School Success

After a week in first grade my son announced that he had the WORST lunches of his entire class. Surprised, I asked him why. “I have brown bread sandwiches, and they all have white!” While we’re not giving out sandwich tips today, we are sharing some great ideas for parents. I asked two amazing, well-respected… 

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Seek the Lord Early Flip Chart feature

“Seek the Lord Early” Flip Chart {FREE PRINTABLE}

By the time Wednesday rolls around, I find myself thinking, “Holy cow. I have another Sunday to get ready for. How did this happen?” Weeks have a funny way of doing that, you know, cycling around and around. You’d think I’d stop getting surprised…


August: Stretch More

Have you ever watched a dog or a baby wake up from a nap? The first thing they do is stretch. And they stretch a lot. I think they might have something to teach us inflexible people, wouldn’t you say? This month for our healthy resolution we are going to focus on stretching more. I think… 

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