Talking To Your Kids About Suicide

Talking To Your Kids About Suicide -- Let's Get Together

In the last few years at the high school where three of my four kids graduated, there have been several suicides. It’s something heavy on the minds and hearts of so many parents and teens where we live. So we reached out to Penny, a friend and neighbor of ours who has both personal and professional experience to write this post. We hope you find some answers and guidance in her words-a place to start in talking to the people you love about a hard thing.

Suicide….This word seems to be attracting national news with celebrities, professional athletes, and young teens who have taken their life.  

For me this word, reminds me of my brother, who died too young at age 26.  … 

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Gallery Wall Feature

Family Gallery Wall

I am no decorator. But there is one thing in my home that seems to be a favorite of friends and family who visit. It’s my favorite too. And it’s this simple little gallery wall that documents the growth of my little family.


I Spy Scavenger Hunt

I think scavenger hunts are a sure way to get a big group of people together and have fun. It’s an easy way to get everyone involved and interacting while not having to plan a ton or decorate the house or anything like that. In the past we have shared with you a photo scavenger… 

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Video feature

Grandparents’ Day Video Gift

We heard about this cute gift our friend put together for her mom and we thought it would be a perfect and personal little present to put together for Grandparents’ Day (September 13th for 2015!). But really, this is the thoughtful kind of gift that you could use for any birthday or Mothers’ or Fathers’… 

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Burp Cloth Feature

DIY: The Best Burp Cloth

As a mom, there is one thing I’m pretty clear about. And that is this: there’s a lot I don’t know. Like…how do you prevent your toddler from putting pealed bananas in the toaster when you step out of the kitchen for more than 90 seconds? And then, how do you clean out that toaster… 

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Coconut Peach Delight Feature

Layered Peach Coconut Delight

Nothing says summer like a fresh peach – the aroma, the juiciness sliding over your lips. I love eating them au naturel but it’s fun to pair it with our coconut fruit dip and a light crust. We served it up Sunday evening and the entire pan was emptied in minutes as everyone had some,… 

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Workout Focus: Chest & Triceps

Strength training is super important for everyone to do – not just the athlete or the young adults or the men. We all need it! Strength training doesn’t mean spending an hour in the gym or bulking up like crazy though.

Sunday Stations Draw

Sunday, That One Day

When we were growing up we had a computer game that we all loved to play on Sundays – “Sunday, That One Day.” It had fun activities to do as you went through the day with a little squirrel, his family, and a church congregation of other animals. It talked about how Sunday was the… 

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Tent Feature

Are You Ready? Let’s Talk Tents

Thousands of people become homeless and lose everything during a natural disaster. What are you going to do when your home and belongings have been destroyed due to an earthquake, fire, flash floods or landslides?