Amazing Race Party


As mentioned in a previous post, due to some health challenges my life as a young adult was quite different than most. I spent a lot of time at home and at doctor’s appointments. My social life was regulated by a need for a lot of sleep and a large number of food restrictions. That being said, birthdays were usually quite low key and spent at home with family and ended with going to bed early. My sweet mom realized that turning 21 was sort of a big deal and she wanted to find a way to help me celebrate in a way that I could still eat what I needed to and get to bed on time. She planned a surprise “Amazing Race” themed party for me…. 

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Summer Infant Feature

Summer Infant’s Best for Moms and Babies

One of my biggest surprises of being a new mom was the sheer amount of stuff I found myself carrying around. And pulling out of drawers. And using on a daily basis. Now, I’ve never been the light-packer of the family. (I love big bags! And filling big bags!)  But even with my old habits,… 

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A Workout for Any Mom

So really this workout can be for anyone – no child needed. But my mind is in soon-to-be mommy land over here so that’s what this workout is called for today! We have three babies over here getting ready to make their debut. I’m in the first time mom category so while I haven’t experienced it first… 

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Missionary Birthday Feature

Missionary Birthday

When my son celebrated his 2nd mission birthday he really didn’t need anything.  But I wanted to send something personal and supportive along with his favorite jerky and a new tie.  He LOVED these photo cards!

5 Things Feature

5 Things a Melanoma Survivor Really Wants You to Know

The five things a Melanoma survivor (the darling mom next door) really wants you to know about sun protection… I am Emily Francis, a 39 year old wife and mother of four children, who was diagnosed last summer with melanoma in situ. I now visit my dermatologist every three months just hoping to catch new… 

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Flip Flop Feature

Flip Flop Grad Gift {FREE PRINTABLE!}

Today feels a little like Christmas Eve. From the can’t-sleep-ness to the pre-celebration over-eating (soft and gooey donuts, anyone?) to the undercurrent of giddiness.  Why? You ask.  Because tomorrow, my friends, the hubs graduates from grad school. Hooray. Hallelujah. Huzzah. 

Memory Jars Feature

Memory Jars

At the age of 13 my grandpa boarded an empty railroad car on a train headed for Las Vegas. He and four other boys were on their way to the Borox Mines just east of Vegas to work for the summer. After one week, 12 hours a day of 120 degree temperatures, and back-breaking work,… 

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Earthquake Feature

Are You Ready? What To Do Before, During, & After an Earthquake

In the late 1940’s as a responsible fourteen-year-old my mother was asked to babysit her nephew for a few days in California while my aunt and uncle were away on business.  They lived in a small apartment so Mom slept in the bed next to Phillip in the crib.  In the early hours of the… 

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Enchiladas Verdes Feature

Healthy Enchiladas Verdes

Enchiladas are a love language. At least at my house. And this week calls for a little extra love. There’s just one more day of grad school classes for the blonde man who makes my world go round. I’m crazy proud of him, not just because he’s done so well-and he has. More because he’s worked so… 

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