New Year Goal Setting Tips {FREE PRINTABLE}

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We always knew what to expect for family home evening the last Monday night of each year – our annual “Goal Setting” night.

Our dad works as an organizational consultant helping companies be more strategic and successful in their work, so he is pretty much an expert at this goal stuff.

On that night he would share a few thoughts about setting goals, give us each a copy of the handy dandy goal sheet we all knew and (sometimes) loved, and give us time to set some goals. 

Having a designated time to write down our goals really helped!


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How To Family Fondue from Let's Get Together

How To: Family Fondue

  Do you have a bunch of dippers in your house (big dippers, little dippers)? We love to dip-twirl-bite so we love family fondue! Our fun Colorado friends have hosted this delicious communal meal every New Year’s Eve for many years. Last year we planned it for my husband’s birthday and it was a blast. … 

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The Movie Bucket

We were the lucky recipients of this gift more than 20 years ago from some dear Texas friends. (It’s pretty much unforgettable!)  I love it because it’s the gift of an experience, and not just more stuff. As we have moved from state to state, I have given this to others and find that they… 

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Easy-Peasy Sugar Cookies Feature

Holiday Magic and the Easy-Peasy Sugar Cookie

Twenty-six years ago in a small apartment in Garland, Texas, a tradition was born.  I was a mere three-years-old when Great Grandma Ada’s sugar cookies and the family cream cheese frosting made their first annual Christmas Cookie Party appearance. I don’t remember much (okay, anything) about that afternoon, but it must have been a big hit…. 

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Back to Bethlehem Feature

Back to Bethlehem Night

Ever since returning from a trip to the Middle East I have wanted to prepare a supper where we ate on the floor with blankets and pillows. This night is the perfect time to do that.  “Back to Bethlehem” will help you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and will be a memorable night for… 

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December: Practice Moderation

This year of healthy resolutions is almost coming to an end…but not quite! We have one more month to make changes for the better. So far this year you have sat less, you’ve spent more time outside, you’ve stretched more and drank more water and you even went meatless! For this final month your challenge… 

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Muffin Tin Meals Feature

4 Easy Muffin Tin Meals

When things are especially busy, I love a dinner that is quick and easy. (Sorry Martha!)   So, I turn to muffin tin meals – your kids will love them because they’re just the right size! And the guys in your house will just eat lots of them!

Tip6 Feature

10 Tips for Holiday Pics with Your Phone

Today, we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing these holiday phone tips with you from Rachel Johnson, a good friend and a super talented photographer out of Utah County! She has three gorgeous little girls (you’ll see, just wait!), is a crockpot afficionado (like 5 times a week crockpot user!), and listens to Harry… 

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The Christmas Game Feature

The Christmas Game

Five-ish years ago, some cousins told us about this Christmas Eve tradition. And life has never been the same. So, if you’re looking for a crazy-fun-and-totally-epic-holiday-tradition, you’re in the right place.