4 Easy Muffin Tin Meals

4 Muffin Tin Meals from Let's Get Together

When things are especially busy, I love a dinner that is quick and easy. (Sorry Martha!)   So, I turn to muffin tin meals – your kids will love them because they’re just the right size! And the guys in your house will just eat lots of them!… 

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Tip6 Feature

10 Tips for Holiday Pics with Your Phone

Today, we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing these holiday phone tips with you from Rachel Johnson, a good friend and a super talented photographer out of Utah County! She has three gorgeous little girls (you’ll see, just wait!), is a crockpot afficionado (like 5 times a week crockpot user!), and listens to Harry… 

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The Christmas Game Feature

The Christmas Game

Five-ish years ago, some cousins told us about this Christmas Eve tradition. And life has never been the same. So, if you’re looking for a crazy-fun-and-totally-epic-holiday-tradition, you’re in the right place. 

Neighbor Gift Feature

4 EASY Christmas Neighbor Gifts & Printables

I have lots of childhood memories of Christmas deliveries to neighbors and friends. My mom would load all of us kids in the old wood paneled station wagon. Then we would start oozing out from all sides of the car with small tokens in hand, ready to wish someone a “Merry Christmas.” I love Christmas… 

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CHOPPED Activity

When we were doing our yearly planning for the Young Women and Young Men one of our girls was determined to get some sort of cooking or baking challenge in there. We started talking about ways to do this and eventually decided to turn to the Food Network TV show CHOPPED for inspiration. It ended up… 

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Superhero Training Party Feature

Superhero Training Birthday Party

A couple months before my son’s 4th birthday I had a great, simple idea for a Cars-themed party. And then he turned Batman on me. Haha. Thus was born the “Superhero Training” party! Much of the inspiration for this party came from the fact that my husband works for Cricut – I thought it would… 

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Cranberry Salsa feature

Cranberry Salsa

 You know that friend who is your go-to-girl for all things food because everything you’ve ever tasted out of her kitchen is amazing? Well, today I’m introducing you to mine, Shannon from I Knead to Bake. She’s the kind of gal you take shopping because her taste is impeccable (she designed my wedding invitations!). But… 

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November: Take time to Meditate

I hope everyone is recovering from Halloween…because it is officially holiday season! Now isn’t that crazy.  In an effort to help ease the holiday stress, this month’s health challenge is to take time every day to meditate.  Meditation has a long list of benefits, but one that is always at the top of the list is the… 

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Best Family Games Feature

11 Best Family Games

For the last couple of years, we’ve had a Fall Break tradition that I’m really (REALLY) missing right now. We’d drive down to St. George and meet up with some of our favorite people for a few days to mostly do two things: eat good food (SEA SALT CARAMEL TRUFFLE ICE CREAM!!) and play games…. 

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