What You Don’t Know About Homelessness and How to Help

What You Don't Know About Homelessness And How to Help

I first met Pam as we were working together on a humanitarian project compiling thousands of kits for the homeless . I soon learned that compassionate acts of service are a significant part of Pam’s life. Here’s a few of her amazing stories and perspective on how we can help.

I have worked with the homeless in Denver for four years now. One of my first experiences was handing a woman with an eleven-day-old baby a blanket. I wasn’t prepared for her tears. She said, “Thank you, now I have a place to lay my baby.” The donated blanket was this baby’s first bed…. 

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NUKE ‘EM! – A game for the whole family!

NUKE ‘EM! – Sounds dangerous! It’s really a fun active group game that can be played almost anywhere, with any number of people, and doesn’t require lots of athletic ability.   

Babies Feature

They’re All Here!

It has been a whirlwind six weeks around these parts. Three babies, two moves, and one sweet homecoming of our favorite (only!-but he would still be our favorite) brother from a two-year mission to Hungary.  So. Yeah. We’re tired. 

Blue & Gold Feature

Boy Scout Blue & Gold Banquet: Minion Style

When one of my best friends told me about the Blue & Gold Boy Scout Banquet she was working on, I knew we had to share it! It’s fun, creative, and simple and the activities could be adapted for all kinds of scouting activities-not just Blue & Gold. And-maybe my favorite part-they kept it to… 

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healthysnack-683x1024 feature

Healthy Snacking

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from people related to health is what to snack on. Often times we can figure out how to prepare healthy meals, but it’s those times during the day when we are busy and get hungry and often it is easiest to grab something not so healthy.

3things feature

Are You Ready? 3 Things You Don’t Want to Be Without

Cash-  Do you have enough emergency cash on hand? When the power goes out there is no banking, no ATM, no credit cards.  Even if there is power, in an emergency people will head for a cash station. In Houston when people were evacuating for a hurricane all the money was depleted from the ATM’s… 

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Frozen Chocolate Almond Balls Feature

Frozen Chocolate Almond Balls

So here’s where we’re at. I’m T-minus 10 days until this little lady is officially due. We’re loving on (ha!) surviving a heat wave. And we just moved into a new home on Saturday that has been full of fun little plumbing surprises. Who needs showers, right? Not a big deal…

Geocaching Feature

Family Geocaching: How to Get Started

This outdoor sleuthing activity comes from my dear walking/hiking friend Julie.   Her family loves all things outdoors and we can’t wait to try this!      Are you looking for a free, fun activity to get your family outside and active? Geocaching is a fun and simple way to involve the whole family. You might… 

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Singing Time Bingo Feature

Singing Time Bingo

Funny how new babies (well, just one so far-two to go) and a move take normal life and make it all kinds of crazy for a while.  I’m the moving sister, and part of the “moving package” was getting released as Primary chorister a couple of weeks ago. Saturday nights have felt weird for a few weeks. What… 

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