DIY: Valentine’s Day Pillowcases

Valentine's Day Pillowcases from Let's Get Together


Hundreds of years ago when my husband and I were dating, I came up with this cheesy idea for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to decorate a pillowcase and have his mom (he was working on the family farm while attending college) slip it on his pillow for Valentine’s Day.  It said, “Heard the latest? You’re the greatest!” I used fabric markers to color a picture of Kermit the frog dressed as Cupid. Hilarious!… 

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30 Books Feature

The 30 Most Recommendable Books

The holidays and the holiday recovery days are over (and I’ve finished watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix….cough cough) and I’m dying to get back into some great reads. On cold, wintry, inversion-y (blah) days, there’s really nothing I love more than settling in for the night with a bubble bath and a good book. So,… 

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Creamy Potato Chowder feature

Creamy Potato Chowder

I grew up skiing in a small Utah community and loved it. As a six-year-old on Saturday mornings, I waddled on to a bus in my snow gear and headed to the mountains for a day of ski lessons and plenty of wipeouts. I didn’t seem to mind the frigid temps as much as I… 

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Love Notes Featured Image

Love Notes: 4 Ways to Say I Love You

One of my husband’s love languages is words of affirmation. So over the years I’ve tried to think of creative ways to spice up the traditional love note. Here are a few fun ways to let your Valentine know how much you love them – all throughout the year! 1)   Memory Book: While we were dating and… 

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2015 Songs Feature

2015 Primary Songs Flip Charts

Last week was intense. It kind of felt like Primary chorister-boot-camp. But the work is done and I’m more than happy to share the goods. 


Puzzle Races

As you can tell, we like games over here. And my husband and I especially like puzzles. I’m not sure what it is about them – maybe the fact that it is something to sit and do together while we talk and we can work on it for a several days. Unless my husband decides he… 

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January Prep Feature

Are You Ready? The Basics of Being Prepared

We’ve lived near five major cities in the U.S. and while we haven’t experienced any life-threatening disasters, we’ve had some minor things happen that required us to use our emergency supplies and food storage in every place we’ve lived. While living in Chicago the water supply was contaminated so they shut it off for 2… 

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2014 Top 10 Posts feature

Top 10 Posts of 2014

  On New Years Eve when the husband and I went to bed at 10:30 after a sad little movie (The Good Lie-it’s lovely, but oh, get your tissues…) and bathing and bedtime-ing a stomach flu-ed toddler, I thought, “We have arrived.” This, my friends, is family life. And we are party animals.  And minus the… 

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Bible SUPER Bowl

Not long ago we told you about the Bible Bowl – a fun activity for youth groups or families. It has come to our attention that we have some serious Bible scholars as readers, though, and we’ve been asked to provide some harder questions. So we have those for you today! Here is a quick reminder… 

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