Are You Ready? 3 More Simple Things You Can Do To Prepare

March Preparedness

1. Keep shoes under your bed. Several years ago my friend had a terrible fire consume her home on Christmas Eve.  They discovered the flames from the Christmas tree in the middle of the night. The fire caused the windows to break.  They quickly left the home barefooted, cutting their feet on the glass covered floor. Keep an old pair of shoes under each bed to put on in an emergency. … 

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Parmesan Crazy Bread Feature

Homemade Parmesan Crazy Bread

I don’t know what winter has been like in your neck of the woods, but around here, February has been insanely beautiful (which is completely bizarre). The gender reveal on Valentine’s Day? Oh yeah, it was a balmy 63 degrees outside.  We. ate. outside. Yes. In February. No coats. I know. Crazy. 

Reveal Feature

A Big Announcement (Times Three!!!)

Well hello, there! We try to keep our little corner of the wide open spaces of the Internet mostly about ideas you can use to bring family and friends together. That’s the goal, at least. We’ve never really done a post like this, but we thought (some?) of you (might?) like to know… We’re expecting!

Service Quote Feature

EMBARK Girls Camp Day #2

Today our ship will set port in beautiful México. We will have an excursion, service activities, and a fiesta while we focus on embarking through service, using our might.  DAILY SCRIPTURE & POSTER: You can find a ready-to-print version of this (without the blog website on it) here.    EXCURSION:  This day of “might” is the… 

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Mango Chicken Feature

Creamy Crockpot Mango Chicken

A few years ago my son returned from a basketball team dinner raving about this amazing Mexican meal he had. The next night at the game I quickly asked the hosting basketball mom if she’d share the recipe with me. It was so simple, I didn’t even have to write it down.  And you won’t… 

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Family Favorites: Oldies but Goodies

Remember the 30 most recommendable books we posted about not long ago? Our good friend Audrey was one of the contributors to that, and she is back with us today to share some of her favorite “oldies but goodies” movies! I’m already excited to get watching! I firmly believe families can love the color and… 

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Day 1 Feature

EMBARK Girls Camp Day #1

Day 1 of camp is all about hearts, obedience, and embarking to the temple. Our starting port is in the good ol’ USA.  DAILY SCRIPTURE & POSTER: You can find a ready-to-print version of this (without the blog website on it) here.  DINNER IDEA: What’s more American than a hot dog? Well, not much. Plus, they’re… 

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February Challenge Feature

Are You Ready? 3 Simple Things That Make a Big Difference

  Several years ago on a Sunday afternoon our family got a phone call from a church friend/leader. He challenged us to spend the next three days sleeping outside in a tent and living solely on food and supplies we had at home. We were asked not to go to the store or use the… 

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Girls Camp EMBARK Kick-off Featuer

EMBARK Girls Camp Kick-off

It’s that time of year again when Girls Camp Directors and Young Women’s leaders all over the world are sitting down to plan the big week(ish) long no-sleep sleepover in the great outdoors. Also known as GIRLS CAMP!!  Last year, we shared a week full of activities for a FROZEN-themed camp. This year, we’re taking… 

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